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Exit just the way you dreamt it

Grow your business with the end in mind. Feel proud of what you have built. Be excited for the next chapter. 

Create your exitplanr

Most plans collect dust - not this one. That’s because we sync your exitplanr with your existing operating systems so that updating and executing on your plan is easy as carrying out any daily task in your business. Plus you have a dedicated exit coach who is crazy committed to achieving your goals!   


Connect with the bigger picture you're moving towards

You will work through some exercises with your exit coach that help you elevate above the daily grind of work and tune in to the bigger picture of what you're trying to achieve. The answers you uncover will help you to determine the timing of your exit and what your exit should like. As with any big decision, there is usually some inner conflict about if and how and when. It is your exit coach’s job to help you find your own answers. Once you’re clear on the bigger picture goal you are moving towards, as well as how your exit can move you closer towards reaching your ultimate goal


Learn how to increase business value 

Once we have gathered all the information we need from you, we will conduct a full audit of your business to identify how you can increase the market value and saleability of your business. Our comprehensive audit includes sourcing up to three valuations from reputable companies who specialize in valuing companies similar to yours. You and your exit coach will reflect on the findings from the audit and identify ways you can make your business more sellable and more valuable. Want us to sign an NDA before we get started? We’re happy to!

Design your exitplanr with your exit coach

We don't do 20-page reports because we know from experience that they tend to collect dust in a rusty filing cabinet somewhere. Instead, we help you integrate your exitplanr into the flow of your current daily operating systems. For instance, if you use a project management software like Trello or Asana, we'll create your exitplanr using that software. That way you and your team can continue executing operational tasks that grow the business with your desired end in mind. Your plan will include a timeline with realistic goals (sales price, deal structure and terms, etc.) and milestone targets (completing action items and hitting certain performance metrics). 


Move towards your goal

We will be with you every step of the way as you move towards making your dream exit a reality. You will connect with your exit coach on a regular basis to review progress, re-value your business as it hits key milestones, and help you adjust any targets and action items as necessary. As you increase the value and saleability of your business, you may also have the support of other entrepreneurs who are preparing, or in the process of a major transition themselves. When you arrive at the point where it comes time to sell, your exit coach will support you through negotiations and any decisions you need support with. 

Looking for extra support?

Accelerator Program

Join our 15-week intensive program to activate your exit plan. 

Live Workshops

Choose from 3 workshops that help you develop your exit plan. 

Mastermind Group

Join a group of founders with similar goals to you. 

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