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Our Founder

Jamie has helped more than 400 entrepreneurs successfully exit their business since 2014. 


Jamie was responsible for scaling’s brokerage division in San Francisco before launching a micro M&A firm called Dealflow, which was acquired by a private equity company in 2019 and again by an eCommece group two years later. 


Since his exit, Jamie has been coaching and consulting founders to achieve their full potential. He launched a government funded accelerator program in 2021 and published The Pressure Gauge Mindset, teaching people how to grow their business with the end in mind. 


Jamie holds Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship from RMIT and is an internationally certified business coach, who specialises in transition planning, conflict resolution, change management, executive leadership, and growth mindsets.


Jamie uses a combination of process work, gestalt and somatic coaching techniques to help his clients enter a state of flow where they can find their own answers and move toward their bigger picture goals.

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