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15 sessions in 15 weeks plus a 1-1 private coaching session. Next cohort starts on August 7th 2023. 

Cruise towards an exit you are proud of

This is an opportunity to take part in a real-time, interactive and immersive learning experience. You will be joining a hand-selected group of entrepreneurs where you will learn how to increase your business value and better prepare yourself and your team for an exit in the future. By the end of the program you will be well on your way to achieving an exit you can be proud of. 

Program Details 


  • A 15-week intensive container where we will meet as a group every week for a workshop, group activity, or a mastermind discussion. 


  • 6x interactive workshops where you will cover every aspect of the value building and exit planning process. [unsure whether to add more]

  • 6x mastermind discussions where focussed discussions will be facilitated by an exit coach and a guest speaker who has their own exit stories to share. 

  • 3x group activities where we use group exercises to cement what we are learning about our business, our team and ourselves.

  • 1-1 coaching session with an exit coach who has helped 400+ entrepreneurs exit their business.  

  • Private online group space so you can connect, share, feel, and ask questions between our weekly sessions. This space will also be used to share recordings, links and resources.

  • Group Size is up to 20 participants. 

  • Program Dates are August 7th 2023 to November 17th 2023 ​

The early bird gets the worm. Reserve your spot now.
Super Early Bird

from 20 March 2023

$1,699 USD

sold out

Early Bird

from 28 March 2023

now available

Main Sale

from May 2023

$1,999 USD

not yet available

Final Release

from 3 July 2023

$2,199 USD

not yet available

Progam sign up
Who will be facilitating the program? 

This accelerator program is facilitated by Jamie Toyne, who is the creator of DKAccelerator, Dealflow and Exitplanr, as well as the author of The Pressure Gauge Mindset. Jamie has helped more than 400 entrepreneurs achieve successful exits since 2014. 

Still making up your mind?  

Have a chat with one of our exit coaches to find out more. 

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