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Join our Mastermind!

Join a friendly bunch of business owners who are preparing or in the process of a big transition. 


Connect with founders who have similar challenges and the same goal. 

Join a group of like-minded business owners who are progressing through a major transition and moving towards their bigger picture goals. While big change is a very personal experience, it can be really helpful to connect with people who understand what you're working towards.


The magic of this group is that you will have the opportunity to share and learn with people who are all at different stages of their transition process. Some are preparing for their first exit, some are negotiating offers with potential acquirers, and others are navigating their path post-exit.



Build momentum with monthly calls and weekly check-ins


Each month we connect as a group via zoom for two hours where we discuss all things business, life design and of course exit planning. While the structure of these sessions responds to the current needs and wants of the group, there are three things you can expect in almost every mastermind session: 

  • Group check-in where everyone shares their wins and blockers.

  • A particular topic relating to business growth, exit planning or life design.

  • A guest speaker, usually a subject matter expert and someone who has their own exit story.

A space held by an experienced exit coach


This mastermind group is facilitated by Jamie Toyne, who is the founder of Dealflow and Exitplanr, as well as the author of The Pressure Gauge Mindset. Jamie has helped more than 400 entrepreneurs achieve successful exits since 2014. 

Value for money

All for $99 a month. 

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