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A DIY guide to increasing the value of any online business and achieving an exit you can be proud of

The saying “your business is worth what the highest bidder is willing to pay for it” is true, but it’s not very helpful. The Pressure Gauge Mindset takes 99% of the mystery out of valuing any online business and instills a mindset that enables entrepreneurs to build value in their business and achieve a successful exit.​


This guide will teach you:​




How much your business is worth today


You will learn how to accurately calculate the value of your online business using the Earnings Multiplier Method and The Pressure Gauge Model.

How to increase the value of your business


You will learn how the 8 Pressure Gauges influence your Valuation and how they can be manipulated to increase your net worth.

How to prepare your business for sale


You will learn about buyer psychology; how to remove any obstacles in your business that often perturb prospective buyers; as well as how to present your business as an attractive acquisition target

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The Pressure Gauge Mindset

(digital download)

$19 USD

Author Forward

Jamie Toyne

I wrote this book for people who are in the process of selling an online business, planning to sell in the future, or for those of you who are looking to improve the value of your business and therefore your net worth over time. For those of you who are simply curious to know how much the highest bidder on the market is likely to pay for your business today, this book is also for you. 


If you feel like none of the above quite apply to you, remember that one thing is for certain: one way or another, you will exit your business at some point in the future. As sure as the sun rises in the East, everyone will exit their business, and you and I are no exception. 


For many of you reading this book, your exit is your best chance of a good payday. For those of you who have built businesses from scratch, your exit payday is a chance to recuperate the countless, thankless hours you spent on your business long before there was enough capital to fairly compensate you for your efforts. 

For those of you who have bravely acquired an online business with the intention of growing and flipping it in the future, your exit payday is your ‘dismount’ and will largely determine the success of your investment plan. 


Sadly, I’ve seen far too many entrepreneurs leave a lot of money on the table when they go to exit their business, and many find they can’t sell their business at all. Planning ahead and educating yourself on the underlying forces that determine online business value will better inform the way you run your business and ensure you get the payday you deserve when the time comes to sell. 


The Pressure Gauge Mindset is a way of seeing your business, as much as it is an approach to running it. The purpose of this book is to teach you how to increase the value of your business and exit on your terms. First you will learn how to use the Pressure Gauge Valuation Model™ to identify what elements of your business are pushing your valuation up and down. Then you will learn how to manipulate these elements to improve the valuation and saleability of your business.  

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